The Club President was Graham Dean, Mens Captain was Ian Wood and Jean Kemsley was the Ladies Captain. Membership stabilised at 44 members. The Ladies entered the Glos Tuesday League for the first time and came third in Div 2. The Men in the Glos Sunday League came fifth in Div 5. We had 55 matches on the card at the start of the season. Following the AGM we applied to join the Gloucester Glevum Mixed Leage in addition to the other two league competitions.


The Club President was Graham Dean, overall Captain was Roger Stollery. Membership grew to 53 and we had 36 matches split 29 friendly and 9 Mens Sunday League.

September 2021 - The Club hosts another Taster Session

On Wednesday 22nd September 2021 we hosted another taster session. This allowed the Churchdown Cubs to visit us and learn about bowling. There were 25 cubs and 4 of their leaders. We supplied 15 bowls club members to help and encourage the cubs. We were delighted with the cubs’ enthusiastic and increasingly accurate involvement.

August 2021 - The Club hosts a Taster Session to a local club

On Friday 20th August 2021 we hosted a taster session. This allowed a local social club to visit us and try bowling. The session lasted about one hour. The visitors tried bowling the Jack and the woods, and played a friendly game. After this event they rested in the bar area of Churchdown Club to enjoy beer/wine and Pizzas.

May 2021 - The Club is Established

We had an official opening of the club on Saturday 22nd May 2021. Due to Covid-19 rules that were applicable at that time we had limited number of external "Bowls Officials". We were lucky that the Chair of Bowls Gloucester could attend. We had a sequence of internal matches.

Since then we have had external matches with local bowling clubs, both home games and away games.

March to May 2021 - Major Building Work

The old equipment sheds were inconvenient and difficult to access with heavy machinery. So two small concrete sheds were dismantled and rebuilt as one larger shed, closer to the clubhouse.

One huge task was also required. We had to release some of the green to allow for bench seating. This required digging a small ditch, releasing part of the bowling green, and repositioning the relevant fencing.

February 2021 - Initial Tasks

Churchdown Village Bowls Club quickly purchased sports equipment needed by a bowling club. It was also urgent that a club "identity" was created; so a small committee was formed and agreed the club colours, logo, flag and shirts. Having an "identity" meant we could redecorate the club house.

January 2021 - The Club's Beginning

On 14th January 2021 a Bowls Club in Churchdown, that had existed since 1923, decided to close. There were some members who regretted the closure; and they decided to create an alternative bowls club. So, on 27th January 2021, Churchdown Village Bowls Club was born. The name is sometimes abbreviated as CVBC, for internal communications.

The CVBC was able to use the same bowling green and club house that had been vacated by the old bowls club. However CVBC needed to perform a series of tasks that were required to create a “new” bowls club...